When We Attempt To De-Escalate Gun Violence

We end up shooting ourselves in the foot

Every opportunity to de-escalate gun violence has been met by the NRA — a purveyor of those very same social ills, with a matching or more destructive opportunity to escalate woes. The strategems that the NRA and its cohorts espouse in exploiting the 2nd amendment in ways that ironically do NOT serve to protect it, but vitiate it, seems all too anchored in these simple mindsets as reverentially sacrosanct.

The methodology used can be seen as drawing on the more animal spirits of incivility by exposing (or marketing to) the more cannibalistic features of rugged individualism — the spirit of capitalism.

With that said this has little to do with protecting the democratic principles of a collective free society, it simply has a lot to do with seeking the individual right to destroy the concept of “united” “states” with all its intents and purposes of unitarian interdependence.

Rather than go along with the idealistic futility of arming teachers, my proposition for all of us (rationals) would be to maybe join what is evidently the most powerful lobbying group in America. I do not believe we need to be strict gun toting lunatics to join. I believe we need to simply stand for the 2nd amendment and have the desire to protect it by rational interpretations, not irrational misinterpretations. We can change this organization from within. We can get rid of Wayne LaPierre and the like. Access should not be restricted politically to republicans. And it should not be stereotypically white male or reserved for mama bear types.

The current representation this organization imbues does not reflect a representation of the United States, instead it always has and continues to be a representation of a divided one.

This article was originally written as a comment to a wonderfully written thought piece by Violet DeTorres called Are We Prepared To Ask Our Teachers”. I credit the writer with inspiring me to write this.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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