When you conflate socialism with communism then certain interpretations could lend itself to “worker control over the means of production” as you defined. The control is most conspicuously imposed under autocratic forms of government that are opposed to the types individualism inherent of capitalism which are generally found under a social democracy. There are disparities and inaccuracies with defining socialism in this way. Since capitalism unfettered invokes a cannibalizing effect, my point highlights the function of socialism as a facilitation to its survival. This is done through the process of privatization and regulation. There are many instances where acts of corporatism infringed on the rights of its workers drawing social concern or where economic crises inspired socialistic responses that required government intervention under the auspices of socialism and its democratic measures. Socialism is more encompassing when defined by its essence not by its abstract machinations for totalitarianism.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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