While a Civil War outbreak is still a remote possibility, the fact that the possibility now exists to a progressively ominous extent should be alarming enough, and one shouldn’t expect it would be on the scale of the first one. The dynamics of which would certainly be different in this era. It would not be drawn by state lines necessarily. This would have pockets of violent outbreaks where faith and trust in law enforcement is nonexistent.

What the Bundy Brothers (who were unsurprisingly exonerated of anything criminal) did in Oregon is a good indication of this localized threat occurring simultaneously and categorically as activists/protests/standoffs both optically and legally under conditions where the government would seemingly hesitate to quickly intervene. The police approach to the events in Charlottesville starkly contrast with the protests in Fergueson.

This type of Civil War would more than likely threaten public utility or farming sectors as leverage against the government. The worst case scenarios will involve many different sides thousands maybe that it would be hard to tell who is who. Many of those sides would be indifferent to the two sides you think you see now and are out just to be uncivil and loot or engage in some form of sick purge. Steve Bannon would know about the nuanced modern warfare that would likely erupt. Mr. Bannon’s investment in the World of Warcraft game provides insight to that thought process. I know nothing about the gamer world nor do I play simulation video games or any video games outside of scrabble and monopoly occasionally.

I am aware of most of the slights that this administration has taken as democratic subterfuge especially when it comes to the Justice Department beginning with the appointment of Jeff Sessions. At the higher levels there are clandestine ways of operation and at the more local levels you will more likely see violent eruptions being mischaracterized by the media. There will be brief state of emergencies until the military has to be called in. It will be sporadic and and unassuming and will serve to distract while laws are being rewritten and passed.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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