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While I can’t completely agree with the term “perfectly normal” being used, I do find the psychological views of Trump supporters as fairly commonplace in our society. That is what makes the human condition so troubling at times.

More glaringly though is the apparent uneven rate and diffusion of societal evolution in this country that varies amongst distinctive populations. This group, in particular, sees the zero sum game as applicable to their own situation and thus collectively sees their own survival in it and will fiercely defend it even though such resistance is inconsequential and unbecoming for a nation of immigrants.

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Considering the egregious historical precedents that gave rise to events like colonization, slavery, the Civil War, Jim Crow era, that begets the consequence of social unrest and resentment in terms of riots, police brutality and homicides, discrimination and racism, lack of socioeconomic diversity and inequality, it appears any evolutionary psychological perspective to gain is precluded. Convoluting this further are certain minorities’ insistence on placating these aberrant thought processes and actions to justify their own survival and cause.

What this piece fails to address is this failed notion that a culture of dominance and superiority conspiring the zero-sum theory is at all plausible. That only a less evolved bunch would see this as the only means of survival is telling about this culture. The lack of insight and the propensity towards ignorance does obfuscate the benefit of solidarity through diversity.

To excuse this as simply a condition of human nature is an oversimplification with the conterminous “human” aspect in tow, however, I find that it is within the cultural “nature” of certain groups to seek hegemony via the limiting of said resources for socioeconomic gains through institutional privilege and wayward capitalism.

Needless to say, however, this is an enlightening article. It is very informative and it does provide comprehensive insight into the mindset of Trump’ s narcissistic supply or rather, his supporters for the 2016 presidential bid.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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