While I would not discourage Blacks or any other socially constructed group to participate and engage their government for the protections of their rights and freedoms, I do understand the frustrations with feeling stuck inside a majoritarian democracy. I see it more as vying to escape or avoid the tyranny of the majority.

The way that I have reconciled this is to disabuse myself and others of the racial social constructs that feed into the despair and hopelessness that often leads to not voting, which has proven to have a far more deleterious effect. If you are not seen or heard then it is presumed that you don’t mind their representations of you or them making decisions about you, on your behalf.

I have to believe it counts for something more than winning or losing because it has proven in more ways than none to be a most effective non-violent way of fending off authoritarianism.

So to your rhetorical question, the point of it is elusive and more complex than the way it is often oversimplified and characterized.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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