Whiteness: A Trickle Down Effect

What you have described here in detail is the inherent duplicitous ideology encapsulating the social construct that is whiteness. Not only is it filled with contradiction, hypocrisy, denialism, and astounding immorality, the epistemology, or inscrutable rationale rather, is fraught with discernible stupidity.

Too many White folks are only comforted by Whiteness, not intellect, not leadership skills, not interpersonal skills, not human decency, and not humility.

At its core is wanting so badly to believe that privilege and supremacy is innate, earned, or substantiated by way of religiosity or quasi/pseudo-science. Such racializing, which is predicated on massive acculturation of fraudulence, opportunism, and self-deception, is not without some shame, discomfort, tension, and anxiety that comes with the indifference we often see manifested — spoken or unspoken cognitive dissonance with whiteness.

The absurd shadow and overt concept of whiteness presents a credibility issue with the rest of the world, not just African American, or other hyphenated American people in the U.S. The vanity and insanity of whiteness allows them to dismiss constructive criticism and they do it through psychological projection. It is this lack of awareness that encourages Trumpism — the narcissistic supply of their motivated ignorance on so many levels.

Whiteness utilizes the projection of guilt and its bewitchment to (unlawfully) silence, demean and oftentime dehumanize people of color. POC are either stunned, incensed, or numbed by the audacity and stupidity of whiteness and its actualizations.

There is naturally going to be some resistance or defensiveness to this ideology to contain its spread and unwanted influence. For people of color who are just as human and maybe more so than they are will respond in a variety of ways. Those responses are never unified for reasons that are off topic here. But the underlying reason is. Whiteness.

Whiteness will arbitrarily sacrifice some for the good of many that unquestionably support the racial hierarchy and albeit willfully or unwittingly not see the losses caused to others and themselves that far outweigh the narrow and limited unearned or undeserved benefits of their actions. Not only do they rely on the coping mechanisms of avoidance, and denial, they summon thier manifest destiny parading around as ideological freedom — freedom achieved by privileging themselves while denying the same to others.

The covid-19 pandemic has given this repeat episode a much wider and more cognizant world audience some sensibility to what this racialized world order portends. It is hard to change the subject when there is this trickle down effect of people trippin’ and dying needlessly over this.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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