Whiteness is Not Like An Autoimmune Disease

Some of these articles on remedies that address white fragility and the white fog surrounding it is stand-up comedy worthy.

While they tacitly acknowledge the mere existence of racism, the information gleaned from it all seems to suggest that they just happen to be stricken with something that is akin to an autoimmune disease and the only way to deal with it is to treat various symptoms, but not the whole patient and its infected population in one fell swoop because the cure is unapproved by federal and state guidelines.

Well then whiteness is also one of those tolerable diseases because it is deemed credible as a socially constructed concept in the sense that it is naturally occurring or inherent by biological design. As most of the intelligentsia as tried to unconvincingly explain as just inherent cognitive bias. This cognitive bias, by wayward extension, that we are all supposed to have been born with can be seen as both good and bad, like our very own immune systems.

Only thing is that when they see a Black person or a Person of Color, they tend to overreact causing not only psychological or physical harm on what they perceive as foreign or a threat to their (institutional) systems and way of life, but also with their auto-response in self-preservation they incidentally and inadvertently harm themselves in the process.


And since science is not yet able to explain or may never be able to explain why the autoimmune system misfires in the physiological sense, they too have taken to hijacking this shortcoming as part of the human condition by just relying on treating the symptoms rather than focusing on what they view as incurable. They believe that living with this host pathogen called whiteness is not so bad, it can be neutral with its impact in a prideful sense or serve positively in some respects when it comes to discrimination that leans favorably in their collective group behavior. Again this to them is an unexplainable (pseudo) scientific phenomena.

Really. (🤨)


When it comes to racism you do know what is behind the phenomena. It’s history is undeniable. It has been studied, analyzed and tested. The results however are unfathomable to them. So much so that they are unwilling to accepts its empiricism and its consequences. The cure is not only thought but said to be worse than the disease.

When we speak of white fragility and the white fog that surrounds it we inadvertently legitmate race as a consequence of humanity. When in fact, really🤨, it is just one of its many correctable mistakes. I’ve read how many treat whiteness as if it were an autoimmune disease and how symptoms can be cured but not the patient population. Is this because the cure (intercultural humanness) is worse than the disease?

To hear them speak of it you would think it is way too costly and difficult to implement. Side effects include equality, justice and empathy. That medicine comes with a warning that it can and will lead to the death of whiteness, and thus racism. Too dangerous for a collective that identifies itself solely on pseudo profound racializations instead of just being human.

This moral misguidance to their dilemma is absurd and callous. The trade-off seems unbearable only to those who don’t mind being handicapped by it because the institutions have allowed and even subsided its excuse and has essentially provided them with these handicap permits that privilege and entitle them to most of the valuable socioeconomic social spaces as part of their ongoing therapy. It is just too practical for them to forgo those privileges and entitlements when you hear them explain it. You know, to remove all those designated areas and level or get rid of those accessible ramps.

Surely, we shouldn’t be leaving it to a white male dominated society to solve major interconnected issues like healthcare and poverty. As you can already see many people including white people will needlessly die by letting systemic and institutional racism run its course and work itself out.

That’s just the reality

This psychosomatic response to their pseudo ailment is real though. I feel it everyday. It is chronic and does actually compromise and weaken the immnue system. It is also infectious by way of social stigma. Black people are infected too. Racism is a form of stress that make you sick.

Sick of this nonsense.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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