Why Is It Such A Safe Political Bet For Senators To Stand By Trump Though?

The president has been consistently unpopular overall

We are undemocratically being governed to believe, and act under a state of delusion that is verging on the cusp of dystopia to acquiesce under a terriblly uncouth and inept administration headed by a wanna-be tyrant.


Many evangelical christian leaders and theologians continue to give a less than sanctimonious cover to Trump because in their support they have a shared sense of power to compel, oppress and condemn their sworn liberal and or non-white enemies along with the president. Trump’s crass and corrupt style and manner of doing so is simply an additional instrument. They conspicuously sanction wrongdoing and malevolence nonetheless to preserve white minority rule and power.

“There has never been anyone who has defended us and who has fought for us, who we have loved more than Donald J. Trump. No one!” — Ralph Reed, founder and chairman of Faith and Freedom Coalition

The rallygoers, he said, told him that Trump’s era “is spiritually driven.” When I asked whether he meant by this that Trump’s supporters believe God’s hand is on Trump, this moment and at the election — that Donald Trump is God’s man, in effect — he told me, “Yes — a number of people said they believe there is no other way to explain his victories. Starting with the election and continuing with the conclusion of the Mueller report. Many said God has chosen him and is protecting him.”

As a mechanism for white minority rule and right-wing political correctness, the instrumental Electoral College assures the notion, just as it has assured an improbable victory even by a President-elect Trump’s own thinking and telling in the 2016 national election. The history of the Electoral College followed by how it came to be is mired in patriarchal whiteness.

The Framers wrote white-minority government into the Constitution when, in Article I, they granted each white southern voter a slave bonus through the three-fifths clause. At the same time, to ensure dominance in the Senate, the Framers designed the Northwest Ordinance so that it restricted a vast territory to a maximum of five new free states, but they placed no statutory limit on the number of slave states admitted from the Southwest. Control of the Electoral College would thus also flow to slaveholders. Without the three-fifths clause, Thomas Jefferson would have lost to John Adams in 1800.

The many instruments that play us into believing the hype about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness given to all humans by their Creator is just to get us to move to the beat of their white nationalist drumroll.

Three branches of government worked together to obscure, delay, and confound a fair trial. Nothing about this process was neutral.

The world’s (not so) greatest deliberative body

The ‘world’s greatest deliberative body’ delivered as a term of endearment with pomp and circumstance in its gatherings are now engaged in an impeachment hearing without proper trial in an effort to preserve its essence of a white minority rule. The votes granted unto them holding one of two seats per state is predicated on a volatile mix of promise and compromise — in every contextual sense and meaning prescribed — with an oath to ‘defending the Constitution of the United States’, and in bearing ‘true faith and allegiance to the same’.

Their denial and refusal to hold a fair trial supplemented by their own lack of awareness of a rogue and inept presidency is a subversion of conventional morality. It is this safe bet in keeping with the original white minority rule construction of the Constitution that they ultimately seek to cash in motivated ignorance and insensitive beliefs. Not only does an allegiance to white minority rule placate and subdue the opposition, it presents a more sophisticated immoral stance, one that is an antagonistic approach towards the non-white diaspora of humanity.

The Trump administration has been looking to decrease immigration from Nigeria for a long time, dating back to a now-infamous meeting in the Oval Office in June 2017. Trump told his advisers at the time that Nigerians who set foot in the US would never “go back to their huts” in Africa, the New York Times reported.

Seizing on immigration as the cause of countless social and economic problems, Mr. Trump entered office with an agenda of symbolic but incompletely thought-out goals, the product not of rigorous policy debate but of emotionally charged personal interactions and an instinct for tapping into the nativist views of white working-class Americans.

It is through these instrumentations we experience the filtering in of this white noise of callousness, resentment, apathy and loathing. Like an earworm it confounds us with an incessant and bothersome repetition to those who would rather not want to see the human stain of our constructed existence performed, but would only want to see humanity for what it is — a single interdependent and interconnected human race.

The only song that plays to my heart, echoes in my mind, and speaks to my soul is the redemption song.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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