Why Whiteness is Chimera And We Should Slay It To Save Humanity

Do Not Feed This Mythical Beast Feasting On Humanity

…the location of white people at the top of the racial hierarchy encourages them to misunderstand the world in order to justify and preserve their social position, and they develop ways of processing information that allow them to do this.” _Lauren Michelle Woomer (A Unified Account of Motivated Ignorance, 2015 Dissertation)

Whiteness is just as much of a myth as is Blackness, which in and of itself are forms of defense and none of which trumps humanity in its contextuality. People belabor and conjure up ways to which they are different and overlook the the sameness of our being.

The daily digest of divisiveness in the form of privilege, hate and ignorance provide nourishment for the subscription of whiteness — a beast of burden. In this psychoanalytical parallel of perspectives you will find apocalyptic scenes of carnage and despair that tugs away at all the ill-gotten gains and barbarous claims that has made white supremacy a monstrous reality. The weight of motivated ignorance collapsing in and around you as if hunted down creates this perception of a world in which to avoid extinction. There must be a tearing down of the state’ to drain the swamp’ and re-formulate its constitution. This is the last and only option to engage in this myth and its inherent fictions in the pejorative claims of preservation of a white race under constant threat. America’s history and strong proclivity towards their misunderstanding of the world is spellbinding in myth-making and savagery.

Whiteness is chimera — an imagined ideal and utopian-filled fantasy of false narratives with a dominant framing. But on the outside looking into that illusion and subscription to whiteness is a monstrosity assaulting and terrorizing humanity. It is secondarily defined as a deceptive beast because by all accounts it is alive with its recognizable but misplaced dimensional appearance of resentment, ignorance and proneness to disruption, violence and destruction to achieve its objectives. Though it may seem contained or trapped by rational reasoning it nonetheless is loose, but alone bellowing out fiery assertions especially when it appears threatened.

An illustration of this chimera is that it is man-made, artificial to nature, unable to adapt to an inclusive environment, and would certainly not survive without its incorrigible disposition. Its given DNA structure contains strands, which are surprisingly diverse and yet extreme in its constituency. Since it engages in autophagy— feeding on itself for sustenance— its makeup is evidently crucial to its survival as it hosts many parasites.

Slaying this gigantic beast is thoroughly possible as it is completely outnumbered, but reservation and sympathetic inclinations spares its life and preserves its existence. It serves as an internal locus of control and defense mechanism to hold on to power, influence, and perpetuate oppression. It is tolerable to a point because it is satirically misunderstood as ignorance on one hand and given the benefit of doubt on the other, only because perhaps it appears sentient, domesticated, and servile by its handlers.

Do not be mistaken, mislead, or frightened by the chimera in its dimensions and proportion because it enslaves the mind and corrupts the soul. It exists only in opposition to inclusion and understanding — empathy and the truth about the world. Its beliefs are self-endangering and ignore evidence of the value and persistence of the human race.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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