We need to call this out!

With a feckless leader in the oval office and emboldened Putin behind the Kremlin, I am getting a sense that collectively we are now beginning to pay attention. If the impending talks with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un doesn’t alarm you there is plenty of other scandalous and nefarious misdeeds, attitudes and behaviors swirling out of the White House.

We can only look to ourselves as an informed electorate to defend the republic in its current form. Understanding that it is an unfinished democracy that falls short of the desired quality and condition of what we come to expect as Americans. This is certainly the time to pay attention.

We need to look at the collective mistake we have made and own up to it so that we can make the correction — not by the end of Trump’s first term, and not by November 2018 midterm elections, we need to pay immediate and consistent attention now.

We need to understand that America is now more vulnerable than it has ever been since the Cold War. That this vulnerability plagues our ability to pay attention when we are oftentimes distracted by vulnerableness — inspired by the divisiveness of identity politics. The only reason Putin seems to get this absurd pass from Trump and his flunkies is because of the sensibilities surrounding whiteness, authoritarianism, and corruption. The glaring difference in the use and approach towards diplomacy is starkly racial and emotively driven by grievances over superiority and the methodology of achieving it. Control of the world’s most dangerous weaponry in the hands of whiteness — proclaiming intellectual and moral leadership in their domination of others through othering is overt nihilism.

To combat this we must invoke inclusion and do away with tribalism. The power of inclusion which requires community by community involvement to preserve and protect humanity will be the only saving grace.

Mike, what you have proposed here in terms of earning the right and the privilege of becoming an informed electorate is agreeable, a careful, balanced, unbiased, rational and prudent approach with maintaining and sustaining votership is how we are going to get there.

Appreciate your insight.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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