With Trump’s Reelection Campaign Comes Immoral and Unethical Opportunism

You don’t have to see it to believe it

It has come to define his presidency. His administration reeks of it. His core support relies on it as if it were medication prescribed for all the pent up resentment, racism, and sexism imbued. This core support essentially puts white supremacy back on the imperial map. For his peripheral support however there is opportunity where one has only to give up their common sense, forgo any morals and ethics left, and simply offer up their soul.

Under this administration there is more opportunity for looting, as well as more opportunity for shooting. But the biggest opportunity exposed of them all has got to be the opportunity for tyranny in what the constitution bills as a democracy. And when tyranny is seen as leadership, judicial perversion and constitutional corruption is always assured to follow. There is also well documented and observed economic opportunity to skew markets as Wall Street exploits and goes against conventional wisdom when it comes to pricing and sentiment.

The election results will continue to reflect a country that caters to or feeds into the primeval instincts of the typical white male. Perfunctory whiteness can be found in copious quantities on both sides of the aisle. A contingent of Blacks and Latinos have contributed to the psuedo profoundness of racializations originating from whiteness and they continue to placate those noxious sensibilities with opportunistic electoral pacifications. The projection of fear and resentment, racial displacement and racial irrelevance, or rather this inane vanity and insanity thereof are remarkable and considerable factors in the way this republic is to be seen, heard and felt.

If Trump wins reelection or not I will continue to voice my disdain for all the garbage that whiteness is about. I will continue to defend against its oppressive will and hold them accountable for the callousness it leaves in its wake. I will continue to prove how unfounded, undeserved entitlement and privilege continues to be the only sense of pride they hold to their constructed identity. I will always call out the profound immoral and unethical opportunism they have come to rely on as merely fellow Americans.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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