Without a doubt Marley K.you are immensely insightful with your discourse on the political climate and its deleterious effects on our well being. Please be careful in your comings and goings in the Neo-Antebellum South. Yep! I’m taking it there because this is unmistakably the licensed posturing behind the agenda for Trumpism.

The vulnerable lower classes of whites who should know better but still don’t know better — due to their whiteness — are being displaced yet again, and this time their lack of economic empowerment is due to a growing scarcity of opportunities to provide a living wage or even relative subsistence. They too can’t receive job security, better compensation, or benefits for that matter. Becaue they too have been beguiled once again by their patriarchal saints in Congress and in the White House with 1) building a wall thinking that will get them their jobs back, 2) that withdrawing from global community will make America great again, and with 3) that Donald Trump is really looking out for them.

The effects of creating an uneven society has contributed to their own demise as middle class Americans. By playing into the sincere fiction of racial hierarchy and the America First mantra they have allowed charlatans like Trump to distract them into believing that they are being displaced by the invisible hand of cheaper labor and are threatened by the scourge of the culturally inferior.

They fail to realize that the deluge of minorities who are oftentimes more educated and whose pursuits of life, liberty, and happiness is not predicated on the notions of privilege, superiority or entitlement, are the ones they are incredibly interdepenedent on for equality and some semblance of a democracy. They fail to realize that the eqaulity they despise would ensure fair wages, more benefits, and economic security by holding the rich to account.

They don’t realize that America’s rich salute the flag for entirely different reasons than they do.

While the rich are quite aware of their lesser halves violent resentment because they know they can be more confrontational with their grievances without deadly consequence from their own government (think Bundy Ranch standoff here), they can easily sow seeds of racial hatred and any other forms of other-isms to keep them preoccupied while they sow the seeds of anarchy because of fettered capitalism, blaming political correctness for reverse racism, or instilling fears of becoming a racial minority.

This! While the rich literally steal and take entitlements from them as Americans. This! While the rich continue their obscene and absurd rent-seeking ways. This! While the the rich refuse to provide a universal health care system. This! While the rich refuse to pay their progressive rate of taxation. This! While they self-enrich themselves with fallacious Horatio Alger stories when they know they have the power and money to lobby (or better yet rig the system) for their own self interests.

Like their great leader and charlatan has said…

“We won the evangelicals. We won with young. We won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated,”

Someone in Trump’s circle needs to tell him that he was not elected based on proficiency, likability, and intelligence, it was based entirely on a historical agenda in patriarchal supremacism and racial hierarchy. That is why there we are inundated with a bottomless pool filled with the benefit of the doubt. That is why many look the other way at the remarkable tweets, the lack of decorum, and the overt criminality of this president.

He was elected because he personifies whiteness to them and this seem tangible in a flawed and fraudulent system replete with institutional callousness as some cure for the entrenched and unassuming labor crisis we are now in.

Call it bamboozled by their own bamboozlement.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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