Ya’ll Ain’t Doing Nothing About Trump

For many there is instrumental value, or even intrinsic value in having Trump as their president.

The zero sum game being played here means that much in the way of inordinate social capital would have to be given up

This faux social capital is like counterfeit money and it has been passed off as real curency since the founding of the United States. A lot of this faux social capital has been invested in a presidential paradox that is Trump, an enigma replete with a copious benefit of doubt for all the interest it has earned that is incredulously inappropriate and conspicuously incongruous with our main asset in terms of this democracy.

It seems like all fun and games but we are not laughing with you but at you for thinking we don’t know what’s going on here

Ain’t nothing gonna happen

The callousness and corruption that is afforded to Trump embodies this ill conceived sentiment that warrants being called out. And when is it being called out for all the obvious reasons it is criticized as political, because I guess we fail to see the value in having Trump as President.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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