Yeah, About This Culture War Thing Though

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Pardon me for the skepticism in my tone here but it would be hard to ignore the predicament that Meryl Streep, and her celebrity peers will find themselves in when they attempt to detach and join second-class citizenry, which they themselves may be by default. Their influence, however, wields like a double-edged sword and they are acutely cognizant of the celebrity du jour. As citizens they are absolutely aware that they outclass us socioeconomically, and are just as aware of how dependent they are on the vast underclass that afforded them their status. [Does this sound familiar to you in any way?]

While Ms. Streep’s noble and courageous speech highlights a disconnect with the moral efficacy that we should come to expect from someone who holds the highest office in the land, she nonetheless will be relatively unaffected by a Trump presidency comparatively, along with those policies that gets eked out, save only for his lack of decorum.

Rightfully, and applaudably so, Ms. Streep echoes the popular vote in calling out the President-elect and his puerile contempt–which fuels his rabid populism with foreseeable repercussions–because he is supposed to represent our values and interests too, both domestically and abroad.

This report however like many others, casts this as a culture war which is a rather sophistic way to look at it when in fact it appears more like a civil war that is actually brewing.

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