Yes. I call these people humans though who know something about interdependence. I also believe that these ‘good white people’ are simply not motivated by ignorance and do have sensitive beliefs about the world they live in, the his-story they have been told, and the lies that are being lived.

It is important that this is acknowledged because in order to keep this scam going there needs to be the conveyance and the portrayals of our so called differences turned stereotypes, enabled and spread by the political media complex, that grant the slightest plausibility for us to hyperbolize falsities about each other — in other words reasons to hate one another.

This is why pushback against me and you in our writings by fragile white people is because for one; they can’t read, two; they simply believe in their own racial hype, three; some of us minorities feed into that hype, four; when your identity is fortified by glass you see how easily shattered they become when they see the reflection.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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