You are exactly right on this. The thing is Marley K. has already refuted his “points” which wound up as baseless arguments and only serves as attempts to silence her by inferences of racialization. He also seems lacking in comprehension and literacy skills as I have dismantled his arguments to which his reply was quite asinine.

But this is what motivated ignorance has robbed him of: a moral compass and the ability to intellectualize his beliefs. Chris fails to realize that we are quite aware that this type of motivated ignorance is in large supply because it has coalesced into this unified dominant group which benefits from being ignorant.

And by the way his knowledge of Dr. Martin Luther King is not enough to be deemed knowledge at all. It is very elementary and shows how miseducated and uninformed he truly is. Again, this is laughable.

This phenomena in and of itself cannot be defeated by knowledge but by its own failures. This sort of ignorance is perpetuating and actively produced and “doesn’t always disappear in response to evidence.”(Woomer, L. M., 2015)

…imagine an ignorance that resists. Imagine an ignorance that fights back. Imagine an ignorance militant, aggressive, not to be intimidated, an ignorance that is active, dynamic, that refuses to go quietly — not at all confined to the illiterate and uneducated but propagated at the highest levels of the land, indeed presenting itself unblushingly as knowledge. (Mills 2007, 13, emphasis in original)

It surely has paid dividends for them. Such scale of ineptitude has us under a Trump presidency simply because we underestimate their damning and costly influence. I suppose this is what it is like for democrats, independents, and even some republicans to have some semblance of a discussion with Trump where it shows that he is simply unable to grasp certain logic like an opposing argument.

So when he stipulates that I am not going to get anywhere with that approach he considers himself inoculated by deranged whiteness and its corruptive standards to the effect that I may never be rewarded by them.

We are not vying for any of their symbolic rewards nor any nominations for “Most Ignorant” to appease them. This sort of nonsense is impressive only to them. His state of not knowing by telling me how and what little he knows is indicative of his lack of self-awareness. I am through running circles around him and to engage him directly is counterintuitive.

As his frustration grows he projects what he wrongly perceives as anger from us. No we are just disgusted by him actually. He doesn’t even know how stupid he sounds. This is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect of which he is stricken by his own proven ineptitude by the delusion and illusion of what he considers his wisdom or “his age, experience, and patience”.

Believe me it hurts him more than he is leading us to believe and apparently we are growing bored of it now.

Ré Harris, Sherry Kappel and everyone else reading along this trail of commentary, please have yourselves a wonderful weekend.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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