You are much too kind my dear. Thank you for that pick me up. It was a challenge for me to leak that much of my identity on here. But since you have done it I could do it too…lol A special shout out to Sherry Kappel in SNAPSHOTS.

As for this quagmire that we find ourselves in, the more expressive we are about our disappointments or the more engaging we are about solutions that would benefit most and not just a few then the more apt we are to get better representations to choose from on the ballot. We have to be willing to hold them accountable as well. It isn’t a one and done thing as we have come to witness and bear.

As for communities or states that extremely lean toward a pole it will take a miracle it seems but I’d begin with trying to ascertain what constitutes faith and whether it has been shared or forsaken out of self-interest.

Thanks for reading and engaging.🌻

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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