You are on the right track Todd, it is easy to overestimate the proposed solution and become sidetracked when inadvertently underestimating the problem with an oversimplification of the white male’s belief system via Capitalism, but it is the institution itself and the myriad of repercussions and newfound complexities borne from America’s original sin — slavery that proves this to be more confounding than at first glance. That is not to say that together we won’t be able to reconcile this, we just have to work a little harder on the “together” part.

We have to take a long hard look at the double-standards at play here (judicial system) and the dynamics that conspire against inclusiveness (capitialism-financial system) which are complicit in sustaining the conditioning of society under the status quo through various methods of injustice and privilege, respectively. This is an aspect of what I meant when I stated that a massive national and global undertaking to unlearn (education system) what has been misconstrued in our Declaration of Independence and echoed in the Constitution. What we have come to believe as “unalienable rights” for all in seeking fulfillment of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is clearly misleading to minorities and is evidently seen as sincere fiction of the dominant group and their false consciousness that evinces empirically abhorrent statistical measures of inequality (which is quite harmful to say the least) institutionally carried out and exclusive to whites under the social construct.

The lack of rationale and empathy continues to this day simply for humanity sake. As I mentioned in discussions with Stephanie Jo Kent where she pointed out…

“We need to be figuring out how to encompass more peoples, world-wide and domestically, within viruous cycles. Only when this becomes palpable at the social level of daily life will the revolution be accomplished.”

…we need accountability and the expectation that comes with diversity.

Arguably, and with much afterthought unnecessarily, it has taken so many peaceful and violent social uprisings to be afforded the rights that whites clearly enjoy under the constitution that seemingly are just “on paper” for people of color. These wide and varying disparities get us into these troubles and is quite embarassing to have them play out on the global stage for a country that bills itself pridefully as a nation of immigrants.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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