You are sending mixed messages here and I know where you are going with it but I am not at all interested in “whiteness” and the fraudulent social constructs upholding their ideologies.

I’m not impressed by their ability to subjugate and manipulate people into standing down and complying with evil or for that matter to get others to rationalize it for them.

I’m merely expressing what plausibly, morally, and ethically can and should be done together as an informed electorate.

I’m about that awareness and resistance to oppression and its disregard for humanity.

I’m here to inspire it, not wallow in the misery that is the tyranny of this minority against the popular vote.

I am not interested nor am I mad that Hilary lost. She quite frankly deserved to lose. I’m sure she can partially agree with that sentiment in retrospect. I was over it the following day after the “oh well” platitudes and now I’m simply “just disappointed” with what the most affected of the electorate (whether informed or uninformed) isn’t doing now. We aren’t doing enough. We should stop rationalizing excuses. We should start caring a whole lot more than we do. Or we should start caring period.

We should march for impeachment too.

We should seek to correct this obvious mistake or miscalculation.

Most people seem conditioned by this sense of hopelessness. I’m not into placating and appeasing the idiocy that comes from moral callousness and the stupidity of moral indifference.

Someone would be hard pressed to try and debate this.

That’s why I wrote this.

Written by

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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