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As unabiguously pointed and factual your statements are about white ignorance I would like to conclude that waiting for white people to come to their senses is not an option for people of color. Because they have chosen Donald Trump or Boris Johnson to lead them, to defend them, to placate them, or to entitle and privilege their mere existence — such self analysis or collective contemplation of their scandalous identity in whiteness is ruefully moot.

Contextually POC will persist in their own existential right to call out, challenge and demote the vanity and insanity of whiteness that indubitably oppresses and dehumanizes their existence. Our resolve is twofold. It not only requires an acknowledgement of our interdependence and interconnectedness as innately the force driving the persistence of humanity, there must be also be the resolve of the schisms created by and through unfettered and cannibalistic capitalism. Embedded in capitalism is the wayward belief of zero-sum fallacies.

This is what drives their motivated ignorance — both not knowing and not wanting to know. This in turn hardens their insensitive beliefs — beliefs that do not change or attune to empirical evidence and facts. This is what culminates their fears.

The onerous isn’t so much upon POC to drag white people out of the darkness, but it is ours to prevent the light from never been seen. The allegorical light is the truth about the sham of whiteness that proliferates in darkness. We simply need to shed that light on the scandal that is whiteness. When we make the sacrifice to endure in their presence to pursuit life, liberty and happiness, and when we take the opporunity to lead, POC must steadfastly shine the light on darkness.

The ongoing sham of a presidency is clear and convincing evidence that when left to their own devices white people as a collective are incapable of the uncomplicated introspection of seeing whiteness as their downfall.

We see this from the industrial media complex of idicocy and the bridled truth that we are inundated to everyday.

The Guardian has encapsulated such reasoning…

More than 100 members of Congress, dozens of civil rights groups and at least 130,800 others have called on Miller to step down, or be fired, but the White House, and the broader Republican party, has still supported Miller after it was revealed he promoted racist fears such as a conspiracy theory about the demographic replacement of white people in America.

They can’t bring themselves to admit that whiteness — the vanity and insanity of it all — clouds ethical, practical and moral thought process, and distorts the reality with their groupthink logic, attitudes and behavior. It is not an oversight or calculated mistake that the articles of impeachment did not stipulate Trump’s racism as an impeachable offense. We have some of the best legal minds in the world in government and without, yet no one could make the case that Trump has consistently disobeyed and or neglected his constitutional oath to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed’ and with conspicuous flagrancy undermine the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause which concomitantly violates the Take Care Clause.

The evidence would not be difficult to obtain because his racist rhetoric is of public record. No doubt that the ongoing injuries of which Trump tacitly inflicts from his rhetoric has widely affected society in and of itself. That sort of racial preferencing in and of itself, is of a high crime and misdemeanors proportion, uniquely performed and ascribed to a rogue president.

Even more alarmingly, there is a clear correlation between Trump campaign events and incidents of prejudiced violence. FBI data show that since Trump’s election there has been an anomalous spike in hate crimes concentrated in counties where Trump won by larger margins. It was the second-largest uptick in hate crimes in the 25 years for which data are available, second only to the spike after September 11, 2001. Though hate crimes are typically most frequent in the summer, in 2016 they peaked in the fourth quarter (October-December). This new, higher rate of hate crimes continued throughout 2017.

The association between Trump and hate crimes is not limited to the election itself. Another study, based on data collected by the Anti-Defamation League, shows that counties that hosted a Trump campaign rally in 2016 saw hate crime rates more than double compared to similar counties that did not host a rally.

The protest vote and protest support of Trump’s presidency and campaign cannot be ignored because it casts a very long shadow of deception, lies, and immorality. They have concentrated so much attention on him that the more competent and more intelligent among us running for office are barely heard ensuring the already self-assured his continuing eminence.

I too, have learned to ignore white people. Some of us are true professionals at doing so and some of us have been lucky to succeed at doing so. But contextually you cannot simply ignore white people like that, we do however tactfully engage, in ways that deny them the ability to weaponize their whiteness against us via intimidation, hopelessness, or threat of any kind. In a sense we are relying on the non whites to recognize our interdependence and interconnectedness to ignore white fragility and white resentment and achieve what’s right for humanity. Surely some rational white people are sure to follow but there is no profound over-reliance on them to do so.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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