You have brought up a great point with some really good questions. This desensitization comes in handy when one is faced with anxieties, or for the treatment of phobias. But overly done and misused under circumstances that warrant retrospection and solutions defeat the purpose of being taken more seriously than just a scathing sound bite.

The political media complex seems deliberate and complicit in shaping our cultural views towards a crudeness which seems rife with scandalizing and goading. This results in shades of schadenfreude, which seems counterintuitive to the desired effect of awareness and corrective action. Desensitization with our remarks are essentially a disregard for consequence and an embrace of invidiousness that perpetuates to no real avail. Combine that with condescending wit or a persistent satire and we seem to be relishing in our own downfall.

Don’t get me wrong I can appreciate certain styles that appeal to raw emotion which can be appreciably erudite and honest, but when it becomes brutally honest — sarcastic, overconfident, and insensitive, it can manifest into an abrasive passivity to the point(s) raised. This concept of bluntness can be really overrated — hence the copious reads, claps, and recommends.

By the way, in my opinion, your style of writing has good balance. I want to be mindful about balance and be as creative with my writing. So this discussion with you is helpful in that regard. I may not get as many claps or much notice because some are more so drawn to the aforementioned particular style. But I am continually looking to approach topics in a more unique but substantive fashion.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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