You have made dispassionately grounded viewpoints. It is this kind of contextualizing that is not only missing but under/unappreciated in sociopolitical dialogues. My sensibilities about social ills always seek to highlight and question the feasibility of certain behaviors and beliefs that undermine personal responsibility and collective resolve.

I don’t think much people attempt contemplation enough to comprehend these just-world beliefs. That sort of lackadaisical or poor reasoning signals a particular motivating ignorance to the social constructs presented and defended. The result of which carries a moral and ethical penalty in terms of its consequentialism.

Broadly speaking such crass oversimplifications are in fact mindlessly seductive to those who get off on that kind of thing. Complicity through the constructs of religiosity, patriarchy and tribalism, to name just a few, have reinforced and afforded just-world beliefs with pseudo plausibility in their conscience. It is unconscionable and it is not part of any science though.

Lastly, the example you provided on trauma-altering DNA may offer insight but more likely layers the perception as I glean from the symptomatic acculturated trauma of just-world slavery, particularly in the US , instead. I have written about the false narratives given, the denialism, the avoidance, the survivabiliy of oppression and systemic racism under the backdrop of resentment — of what can only be seen as our perseverance for justice and equality — with its prevailing institutional callousness that coordinate and govern the mentality that informs it.

Still looking forward to the proper treatment and administering of the cure from one of the richest and so called most advanced country on earth.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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