👏🏾 You make a great point here Ré Harris. By the way I love the way you wrote this piece on Roseanne. In contrasting both All in The Family’s Archie Bunker character with Roseanne’s Roseanne/Roseanne Barr (in which she is really one in the same) character you have a character flaw awareness with no discernible moment of revelation and resolution during the typical sitcom structure of conflict, struggle then resolve which again is being reintroduced.

I recall Carrol O’Conner’s later role in The Heat Of The Night which I actually did enjoy watching although I missed out on many episodes. They actually wanted to recast some semblance of his famous previous role but he fought those producers and directors off and pretty much took over most of the production of the series.

With Roseanne I see her personality input and monopolization of the series as a way to misinterpret and therefore misunderstand the realities of the world in order to preserve an artifact that justifies her sincere fiction. 😉

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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