You people!? That’s rich.🤨 And sheepishly un-original. 😒

This boring piece, that had you commenting or responding not once — but twice, has drawn such ire in you that it has made me blush.

The concern and bewilderment I have for my fellow Americans has caused you to think that this piece is nothing more than what you call “sentimental virtue-signaling sanctimony of the Woke”…

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… you lost me at sentimental.

I am not going to argue with you because that would be a mistake on my part and I am truly defenseless under your attack, clearly you are winning. A counter-argument is futile.

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For anyone else who may be reading this case in point, attitudes like these contribute to why poor whites are still poor whites though.

I want to add this tidbit to my original piece and it is something I found to also further my point. This bootstrapping rhetoric and its overused clichès is nothing more than polite fiction at the poor. We know that strict adherence to this meritocracy does not translate into guaranteed socioeconomic success (more evidence points to the demands of economic expansion). We also know that the wealthiest people are generally not the most talented bunch by most measures, they are however the luckiest.

We also should know that the middle class today is only 56 percent white and the political mumbo jumbo about a shrinking middle-class refers more precisely to what was once a much more predominantly white middle class.

The middle class, at least defined in economic terms, is not white: it is racially diverse; and whites will make up less than half the middle class within a few decades. Any policies that help the middle class will therefore help black and Hispanic Americans as much as whites. The choice between identity-based and class-based politics is, to this extent, a false one.

Middle class as it is loosely defined in terms of financial security is also a misnomer. The whole idea that the middle class emerged out of the bootstrapping principles of whiteness is preposterous.

According to an article I read in MarketWatch this too can be considered a social construction.

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Once again, if whiteness alone is what grants one primacy in this country then why are there still so many poor whites.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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