You seem hell bent on defending a social construct that is highly suspect with its fraudulent and heinous history of violence and dehumanization. You also seem to think that your moral righteousness simply washes that all away just because of your insensitive beliefs — beliefs that don’t change in spite of the empirical evidence. Your attitude and beliefs also seem to be high on the motivated ignorance charts.

Motivated ignorance is a state of not-knowing that is cultivated or maintained by a person in order to serve their motives (i.e. their desires, interests, needs, or goals).

In instances of white ignorance and other actively produced forms of ignorance, even when an ignorant subject encounters evidence contrary to their false beliefs, they avoid changing them — usually by misinterpreting this evidence in order to render it compatible with their existing beliefs. ____Woomer, Lauren M., A Unified Account Of Motivated Ignorance, 2015

This is why you want to pursue an argument with me — you want to fight back, but fight back against what, humanity? Good luck with that.

You also seem unaware of your predisposition to misperceive and misunderstand the anti intellectualism I denounce and the baselessness of race that I easily dismantle and discourage due to your location in the social construct of racial hierarchy. You also assume that I am in any way impressed with the barrage of symptoms you exhibit that can easily be characterized as Smart Ass White Boy Syndrome.

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You also pick and choose excerpts in an effort to extract the original context from it, and think that this is erudite of you to do. When in fact you simply have miscomprehended the concept and think you can turn it against me. In fact your mischaracterization of my piece as negativity is an oversimplification that not only encourages your misconception but it obviously makes clear how problematic motivated ignorance is in relation to perceived knowledge.

You also seem to think that you can relate to me on this level and that your chastising of facts I have laid out disproves critical thinking and deliberation. You have proven my point unbeknownst to you, that this unsolicited fully paid subscription to whiteness (which unsurprisingly determines blackness) has you imagining that I am calling you a racist of which you beg the question— your words not mine.

Furthermore, the socially constructed white and black (and other) people I correspond with here respectfully and jovially don’t comport with stereotypically ascribed notions by the dominant white framing or sincere fictions that we have been conditioned by, they just seem human to me and their raciality is of no significance to me.

Lastly, there is nothing in any of my writings that suggests that I am preaching hate. This is the most common instances of false equivalences given, it is so laughably common that it only appears believable because you want to believe that, its like calling the scripted sitcom The Apprentice a show about reality. You seem to think that your distorted cognition is moral license to make or draw such baseless insensible conclusions. But that’s part of your agnotological misgivings not mine, it is part of your grand delusion. Your second attempt at gaslighting my thought pieces has failed again. You get no points for your profile pic.

You are dismissed.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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