You Should Worry About What Trump Is Doing To Encourage The Iconoclasts Of Whiteness

Trump’s idolatry will bring an unyielding and dynamic iconoclasm to whiteness

To those iconophiles who indulge in wanton yet prideful sentiment in this pseudo-superior and corrupted racialized identity, you are doing a major disservice to yourself and others with this entrenched belief-insensitivity and aberrant attitude towards the ethical and moral values of humanity itself.

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The mindless reckoning in a) the political subterfuge of democracy within the republican party system, b) in its overestimating influence entrusted with Donald Trump as president, c) to deculturalize the entire nation of non-white citizenry, d) as a sidetracking effort to preserve whiteness, e) while prioritizing the plutocracy, f) by vitiating the constitution in its legislative, judicial, and executive capacity in a retrenchment and retreat from immigrant nation eminence — will only result in fomenting an indefatigable and unavoidable iconoclasm of events to come.

So if your deity in Trump says this…

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There is no contingent of radical left democrats in existence let alone that influential nor that powerful to silence what in essence is whiteness — or so-called majority of our country.

Contemporary iconoclasm of symbolic racializations and its institutional adherents to hierarchical dogma is a contestation of privilege and entitlement afforded to the fiction of race in its accommodation of benefits towards white persons at the expense of non-white persons.

Iconoclast: One who assails or attacks cherished beliefs or venerated institutions on the ground that they are erroneous or pernicious.

Not only has this inveiglement of whiteness essentially taken the validity of culture out of the equation, there is the zero-sum miscalculation of its own self-preservation within the capitalistic, yet increasingly xenophobic, globalized world that just does not compute.

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The answer to what irritates or annoys whiteness is the reflection of their own humanity seen in the diversity of others they attempt to reduce, marginalize and oppress — in all its vanity and insanity. The sociopolitical artifact of Trumpism will not stand as a testament to his legacy nor stand the test of time.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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