Your anger MarieG is understandable and its really the provocation of that anger in which most of us share that really needs to be addressed, or even acknowledged by this administration. What good can come from this divide and conquer — attitude and belief on display? It doesn’t even qualify as policy-making.

“…The people that elected this and actually consider it a “success” are only interested in giving the rational, thinking members of this society a giant middle finger, what the upside is for them is a mystery…”__ MarieG

It is quite evident that it is all emotive and very little substance coming from those who have elected Trump into office. In a sense they are only “getting back at” the rest of society for essentially making them feel like the rest of us ordinary citizens — with no special designation nor hierarchical claims of entitlement or treatment — with little to dream about in this wakeful plutocratic nightmare.

With diminishing policies for social mobility, it’s an ill-conceived notion to think that you could rely on President Trump’s leadership to bully or subjugate the masses into this imagined pecking order that ignores the socio-political and socio-economic collateral damage that comes with “Making America Great Again”.

When you hear the other side claim that Trump is not being given a fair chance, this is fallacious, Trump has been afforded many chances — many of which were stolen and he is completely looking to squander this very chance only upon himself. That is how true charlatans operate.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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