Your piece has piqued my interest Whitney, so much so that I feel compelled to add my thoughts to it for whatever it is worth.

Your observations are spot on.

Black women were once forced by law to wrap their hair to “keep order”. Locs were once called dirty, and now Becky and Brittany be rocking them beneath flower crowns at Coachella. Slicked “baby hair”, once considered “ghetto” is now walking down the runways of Marc Jacobs’ shows (Like almost every season now, by the way).

Also the white cognitive dissonance of adulating and disrespecting Saartjie as a jolie laide figure is indicative of the long standing caustic resentment embedded in pathological whiteness.

Instead of being given a proper burial, Saartjie’s body was dissected, then put on display for over 150 years. Museum goers could view her brain, skeleton, and even her genitals before her remains were laid to rest. Interestingly enough, during this time, White Women had begun wearing “bustles” a device that mimicked a large, round backside. How ironic that the White Women who were going to see Sarrtijie’s “gross characteristics” would have been wearing a device to mimic them.

Kim K is a peculiar figure in our society. I believe she sees and promotes herself as this fetish, specifically to her vast narcissistic supply — consisting of haters and fans.

She used to supply her friend Paris Hilton with the fan version of ingratiation, but has quickly learned from her mother that she could use her own narcissism and cultivate her own supply. This began with the infamous video that I refuse to watch to this day of her having sex with Ray J. I refuse to be in the narcissistic supply mix for both of these unscrupulous characters, not because I am a hater. It is because I am simply unimpressed.

Even as her transformation into celebrity status culminated into her becoming this modern day kallipygos — albeit via cosmetically altered aesthetics in shape and facial appearance — her vainglory more precisely continues to grant her this absurd renown.

There is no doubt that her prominence derives from appropriating aspects of Black culture. This would seem reflexive of the white distorted envy to me because Black is Beautiful — facts!. To me appropriating is too kind of a word though. I see her as a continuation of the obsessive exploitation of the female black body, all the while thumbing her nose at Black women, hence the “deal with it” catchphrase. I would not go as far as deeming her a soul snatcher as Kanye West as shown that he will gladly hand over his soul to whiteness for it is of little worth to him under the social construct.

Unwittingly, calling her out as a cultural appropriation offender provides her with more social capital, or additional narcissistic supply. I keep thinking that after constructive analysis of her personality and behaviors people would simply ignore her and she would diappear and not make it unto the rolls of the zeitgeist. Once again, apparently I am wrong.

Stay blessed Whitney Alese, it was an insighful pleasure reading this.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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